Make The Most Of Quarantine

We’re all in the same boat. The COVID-19 pandemic has turned our lives upside down. But, we must look on the bright side. Time at home is time to spend trying new things, getting outside, or cleaning out that one area of your house you’ve been avoiding for so long. We have curated a list of the best ways to spend your time at home during this May month:


  1. Go outside: When the weather is nice, we must take advantage. Take the dog for a walk, get going on yard work, or play with the kids. 
  2. Catch up on Netflix: Think twice before you say quarantine is boring. Netflix’s docuseries “Tiger King” and “The Pharmacist” make it hard to look away.
  3. Try a new workout: Whether it be Peloton’s new dance classes, the old set of dumbells in the corner, or a free YouTube full-body workout, get moving!
  4. Bake or cook a new meal: Even if you’re not one to take control of the kitchen, try it this time. Find a delicious cookie mix or ask a friend for an easy recipe and get to work.
  5. Volunteer: Remember that old sewing machine in the downstairs closet? Pull it out, dust it off, and try creating a few COVID-19 facemasks off YouTube tutorials. Get creative and give back with what you have to offer.
  6. Read: We all have that one book that got started one vacation back in 2017 and is still collecting dust on our nightstand. Pick it up and force yourself to read. 
  7. Explore a hobby: Drawing? Writing? Photography? Try something unusual, something new, or something you’ve always wanted to do but never had the time for.
  8. Online classes: Websites like edX and Coursera offer millions of free, online courses in subjects ranging from architecture to philosophy.
  9. Puzzle: Puzzle, and make it fun. Dump out a 1,000 piece game onto your dining room table and make your family help.
  10. Reconnect: It’s quarantine. We’re all on our phones. Talk to a friend or Zoom your extended family. If it is more than 6 feet apart, you’re doing great.