5 Questions With… Artist Sue Benton

Have you visited our second-floor lounge recently? If so, you may have noticed a new art installation displaying photographs from local artist Sue Benton. Through a partnership with the Westport Artists Collective, Sue’s art will be on display through August 15th, 2018.

We recently chatted with Sue and much about her, from the inspiration behind this collection to her favorite “hidden gem” in Fairfield County. Get to know her better in this installment of “5 Questions with Sue Benton!”

1. What is your name and where are you from? My name is Sue Benton and I grew up in Pittsburgh. I have lived in Connecticut since 1985.

2. What was the inspiration behind the collection of art that’s on display? Growing up in Pittsburgh, I was surrounded by industry and I was struck by the beautiful, old factory buildings that I would pass driving on I95 from Stratford to Westport. One of them was, for a time, going to be made into loft condominiums and it made me happy because the building had wonderful architectural features – it had huge floor to ceiling industrial-type windows, it had gables, and skylights. That renovation never happened and I started taking pictures of this particular abandoned building. I would then digitally play with the light, color, and clarity of the image to make it hyper-realistic and idealized. I want to acknowledge and display the beauty of these abandoned industrial spaces.

3. What is your favorite “hidden gem” in Fairfield County? Definitely Bridgeport! It is under-appreciated. It has wonderful old architecture that has been neglected. But it also has a beautiful beach and historic neighborhoods.

4. When traveling, what is one item you don’t leave home without? My camera!

5. What is your favorite vacation destination? We are now vacationing in a cottage at Lordship beach. We love it right here at home! But when we do travel, we both love London. One of my favorite images is an old boat on the Thames named “Hooligan.” The word hooligan means rebellion and going against the tide. There were beautiful yacht-like boats on the water, but old, rusty Hooligan had the most character.