24 Hours In Fairfield, CT

You have the kiddos and are in Fairfield for 24 hours? That’ll do, for now. Here’s how we recommend spending them, especially if you’re staying with us. Add or omit our optimistic recommendations based on your own variables, like tantrums, or nap needs (which by the way, are not just for kids).

We’ll pretend it’s Saturday.

Breakfast at Merritt Canteen – As seen on “Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives,” this local staple has been around since 1942. They open at 7am on Saturday, but serve a delicious breakfast anytime.


Discovery Museum – Opens at 10am. This little gem is great for kids of all ages. There’s tons of hands-on stuff to “discover,” and to learn from. There’s also a planetarium, for those who feel like spacing out.


Note: If the weather is nice, try the adventure park: http://www.discoveryadventurepark.org/

Lunch at Super Duper Weenie – This local eatery dates back to 1992, when the owners rolled their food truck around Fairfield County selling dogs and fries to legions of hungry party goers. The location is easy to get to, and the food is easy to love. The fries will haunt you, in a good way.


Early check-in at the Hi-Ho – You’ll need a break after that half day. Call the front desk to confirm your early check-in, then jump on the Route 8/25 connector from downtown Bridgeport. Piece of cake. Nap, shower, glass of wine? Your choice (and it’s never too early for all three). Enjoy a little downtime and get ready for round 2.

Beardsley Zoo – This local zoo is a blast. From the interactive Black Tailed Prarie Dog exhibit (pictured above), to the Amur Tiger, and the wild roaming Peacocks, the Beardsley is a crowd favorite.


Dinner at Barcelona – Head back to the Hi-Ho and grab dinner downstairs. Barcelona has a wide variety of options, from tapas to larger entrees, paellas, and a fantastic selection of wine. If the kids are burnt, you can get your food to go, and see what’s on TV.


Movie – If there’s still gas in the tank, and major meltdowns have been averted, you can make the quick trip to the Bow Tie Cinema for a family flick.


Bedtime – That’s all folks. There is lots more to do, but not today.

Parental Notes: Grab a bottle of vino from the Wine Zone next to the Hi-Ho lobby. Save it for later. There’s also a free breakfast buffet in the upstairs lounge every morning. Grab something before you hit the road. Come back soon!