Gabrielle “Brie” Ferrara’s Art Now on Display at Hotel Hi-Ho!

We’re excited to have a new artist’s beautiful creations on display in our second-floor lounge! For the next few months, in partnership with the Westport Artists Collective, Gabrielle “Brie” Ferrara’s art will be on display. Join us to see it for yourself. The public is always welcome!

We recently chatted with Brie – get to know her better in this installment of “5 Questions with… Brie Ferrara!”

1. What is your name and where are you from? My name is Gabrielle Ferrara, and I am from a small town in Pennsylvania: Indiana, PA.
2. What was the inspiration behind the collection of art that’s on display? I love to photograph nature and my surroundings, truly whatever pleases my eye.
3. What is your favorite “hidden gem” in Fairfield County? On Ford Road in Westport there is an amazing waterfall. I find great comfort in watching and listening to the water flow.
4. When traveling, what is one item you don’t leave home without? That’s easy – my contacts!!!! I have to be able to see all the great things around me.
5. What is your favorite vacation destination? Costa Rica. The monkey featured at Hi Ho was taken there.

To learn more about Brie, visit her website.